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The Adams County Fire Police Inc. (ACFP) was first organized some 61 years ago and officially incorporated in 1987 at which time they joined the Pennsylvania Fire Police Association . The ACFP is comprised of of 22 member fire companies, three from Maryland and one from York County. The men and women who make up this organization are very dedicated members, they not only work as fire police but many are also fire personnel and ambulance corp attendants. Their duties go far beyond that of Fire Police in many cases. 

Constantly attending training to improve skills and learn more about their duties as fire police helps the members of ACFP to understand and better perform especially when working as closely as they do with the borough, township, federal and state police agencies that are served.  These dedicated men and women put in long hours at the scene of a fire or accident. They must stay until the last piece of emergency equipment leaves the scene and often they stay much longer to be sure everything is secured and all hazards controlled. They not only work within their own fire companies, but also help at many other functions in the county.  The ACFP members are very active in providing mutual aid to their neighboring fire companies as well. This group of men and women work very hard to make their community a better and safer place.

Their motto is "TO SERVE AND PROTECT".  Their feeling for their community is reflected in the job they do protecting and serving their community and the people residing there. These words speak well of the Adams County Fire Police, Inc. and the services they endlessly and voluntarily perform. Note: This was taken from Adams County Fire Police 50th anniversary banquet book, copied from the Adams County Commissioners letter dated the 27th day of May 1998  Whereas, the Adams County Fire Police formed in Gettysburg in 1948 are the offspring of the civil defense fire watchers of the second world war; and, whereas, the members of the Adams County Fire Police come from most all fire departments in Adams County and three in Maryland.

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