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Section 1:  The name shall be, ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC.



Section 1:  The object of this non-profit incorporation is to better the fire police protection of Life and Property in case of Fire or and Natural or Man Made Disaster, to Render Mutual aid to other companies and to assist law enforcement agencies as defined by ACT 209 OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF PENNSYLVANIA, as well as to form a membership and governing body of persons who serve as fire police. To establish a central body and organization to conduct training, disseminate information, sponsor education, and coordinate activities between and among the fire police serving the volunteer fire companies in ADAMS COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA.  This may also include YORK, CUMBERLAND, FRANKLIN COUNTIES as well as some adjoining counties in the state of MARYLAND.




   SECTION 1:  Membership shall be defined to mean a Fire Company or Fire Company Member of an authorized fire company of ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC.

SECTION 2:  Individual membership in the ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC. shall be classified into one of the three following categories.

              ACTIVE – This person shall be involved with the control of traffic, have voice and vote at ACFP Inc. meetings, and pay ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC association dues.

            SUPPORT/SOCIAL – This person shall NOT control traffic, will have voice and vote at ACFP Inc. meetings, and pay ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC association dues.

            HONORARY – This person shall NOT control traffic, will have voice and vote at ACFP Inc. meetings, and will NOT pay ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC association dues.

Any person who is an honorary member and also an active member shall be considered an active member for the purpose of these bylaws.  This member shall not be required to pay annual dues to ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC.


Any category of membership of ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC. may join and or maintain membership in the PENNSYLVANIA FIRE POLICE ASSOCIATION.


           SECTION 3:  Each member shall be appointed fire police by their own fire company and be confirmed by the mayor of the city, mayor of the borough or town, the chairman of the board of commissioners or supervisors of the township, or the chief executive officer of a home rule municipality, as the case may be, before he/she is eligible for membership.

            SECTION 4:  The incorporation may by a vote of the majority to accept a member from a company that is not included in section one. This is provided that said member is in good standing, within their own company. The proposed member must submit their name, address, and telephone number along with a letter from the their primary Fire Chief giving permission to join the ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC.. When a person is elected into membership, his/her department will be recognized as being a member of ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC.

            SECTION 5:  Each regular member will pay Annual dues of five dollars ($5.00). Honorary members need not pay dues. Upon payment of dues, said member will be given a membership card, valid for the current year.



            SECTION 6:  The membership secretary shall provide a list of members with unpaid dues during the June meeting.  He or she can read off the names or provide a printed copy for review of the membership. If membership dues are not paid by drop of the gavel at the July meeting said member’s name will be taken off the membership rolls. If said member has any equipment that belongs to the ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC., it must be turned in by the fall of the gavel at the July meeting. The fire police captain may reassign equipment, within his/her Fire Company instead of returning it to ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC., if there is an eligible member needing it. A letter including names, serial numbers, and other details will be forwarded to ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC., attention of the Radio board.  If at least one member has his/her dues paid, the department will remain in good standing. At no time shall a department have more radios then there are active members in good standing.



            SECTION 7:  All departments are required to have representation at ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC. meetings, training, or fund raisers at least 2 times per fiscal year.  Any department whose members fail to comply with this minimum shall be dropped from membership and all association owned equipment shall be returned, in good condition, by the fall of the gavel of the following meeting. Failure to comply will result in a bill being sent to the member’s department that issued the equipment. If payment is not received in (15) days, then legal action will be taken.  Any dropped member or department may reapply for membership after 120 days.


SECTION 8:  As of August 1, 2010 all active members of the ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC., will be required to have or take and pass the PA STATE CERTIFIED BASIC FIRE POLICE COURSE within one year (1) of membership.  A photocopy of the certificate shall be provided to ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC. for our records and shall be maintained by the Board of Officers until such time that the person retires or resigns his or her commission.  By the end of year 2010 all active members shall be certified to BASIC FIRE POLICE COURSE standards as defined by of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a minimum.  An active member shall be defined as anyone who is participating in the control of vehicular traffic. This shall include all emergency and non-emergency activities that Adams County Fire Police Inc. are involved. All traffic details and activities that utilize the radio equipment of the Adams County Fire Police Inc. and are staffed with members of Adams County Fire Police Inc. shall be staffed with active members. If the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania adds training requirements then it will be understood that they are added to this section.  Failure to comply shall result in the member being dropped from active membership and will be automatically added to the support membership category.


            SECTION 9: Any member of ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC. who wishes to maintain their ACTIVE status AND is unable, for any reason, to produce a copy of the BASIC FIRE POLICE CERTIFICATE may apply for an individual exemption.  He or she shall request a form letter from a member of the board of officers.  This letter shall be completed by the chief of said department or departments and returned to the PRESIDENT.  It shall lie on the table for 1 month at which time the board may render a decision.  A copy shall be retained by ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC for as long as the member is in good standing


            SECTION 10:  The fiscal year shall begin on May 1st.


           SECTION 11:  Any member may be nominated to Honorary Life Membership who has served long and faithfully, AND has been granted life membership in his/her own department, AND is at least 62 years old AND has 15 or more years of membership, OR 25 years membership in the Adams County Fire Police Inc., OR due to failing health reasons cannot be an active fire police, may be granted individual honorary life membership upon having their name submitted to the President. He/she shall review the matter with the other elected officers and if they shall decide if Honorary Life Membership is granted. The name will then be presented at the next regular meeting of the fire police. This would be considered as an individual honorary membership, and therefore would not be required to pay dues, and would be entitled to voice and vote. The ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC. will pay the state dues of all the association’s honorary members voted in to honorary life membership prior to May 1, 2007.  Any person voted into honorary life membership after May 1, 2007 will have their state dues paid by ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC only if they have been a member of the state association for the last 5 consecutive years prior to attaining honorary life membership in ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC.




            SECTION 1:  The elected officers shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, and Treasurer. The county Membership Secretary, Chaplain, and a Representative(s) to the County/ State, will be appointed by the president and vice president at the first monthly meeting following an election of officers. Any person to be appointed shall be in attendance at said meeting or shall have provided a letter of intent to serve before any appointments are official.


             SECTION 2:  PRESIDENT – The president shall preside over all meetings attended and maintain order there in. Co-sign with the treasurer all orders drawn on the Inc., funds by the sanction of members at the meeting. Have the power to call a special meeting at any time he/she deems it is necessary to transact business affecting the interest of the Inc.,  providing he/she first directs the secretary to notify the fire police captains of each department in writing five days in advance of the time and place of the meeting. Appoint all committees and working with the vice president, appoint a chaplain, a county membership secretary, and a county/state representative(s).


             SECTION 3:  VICE PRESIDENT – The vice president shall in the absence of the president perform all duties of the president.


             SECTION 4:  SECRETARY – The secretary shall keep accurate minutes of the meetings and keep a record of companies and members that are in attendance at the meetings.


             SECTION 5:  ASSISTANT SECRETARY – The assistant secretary shall aid the secretary in all the duties of the secretary, and shall have charge of all duties pertaining to individual membership in the Pennsylvania State Fire Police Association, and shall transmit to the ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC., all information pertinent to state association business.


             SECTION 6:  TREASURER – The treasurer shall have charge of all funds and property belonging to the ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC. Keep an accurate account of receipts and disbursements of the Inc. Pay promptly all orders drawn on him/her by the Inc. Co-sign all orders drawn on him/her with the president. When leaving the office transfer all monies and property to the newly elected officer and shall make all records available to the auditing committee when requested to do so.


             SECTION 7:  COUNTY MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY – Shall be appointed by the president, and shall keep an accurate record of individual membership in the ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC., and shall issue membership cards to all paid up members. Secretary shall also keep a record of all honorary members.


             SECTION 8:  CHAPLIN – The chaplain shall be appointed by the president and shall open each meeting with a prayer. He or she shall also, if requested to, help with the passing of a member.


             SECTION 9:  COUNTY AND STATE REPRESENTATIVE –  County and State representatives shall be appointed by the president. One representative will be to the Adams County Volunteer Emergency Services Association and one will represent to the Pennsylvania State Fire Police Association. Representatives shall attend at least (1) county meeting per quarter and (1) state meeting per year as a minimum. They shall present a report to the ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC., at the first meeting following their attendance. Mileage will be reimbursed at the Commonwealth of PA rate after report is presented and accepted.  If more than 1 representative will be traveling to a meeting they are expected to travel together.  Only 1 representative per meeting will be eligible for mileage reimbursement.






             SECTION 1:  The term of office is for two years with elections held on the odd number years.





             SECTION 1:  A nominating committee shall be appointed by the president at the February meeting of the odd numbered years, who will present a list of nominees at the March meeting, and nominations will remain open until the April meeting.


             SECTION 2:  Whenever possible there must be at least two (2) nominees for each office and the nominee must be present in order to be nominated.


             SECTION 3:  Elections will be held at the April meeting conducted by secret ballot and a plurality shall be required for election. Each member present shall be entitled to one vote.


             SECTION 4:  When a vacancy occurs in any elected office, said vacancy shall be filled at the next regular meeting following creation of the vacancy. Nominations and election will be held during the same meeting.










             SECTION 1:  The ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC., shall hold one business meeting per month. The meeting  will be held the 2nd Monday of the month, at the ADAMS COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF EMERGENCY SERVICES TRAINING CENTER,  starting at 7:30p.m.


            SECTION 2:  At all meetings individual attendance as well as department representation shall be recorded in writing.  These records shall be retained for at least 10 years.


             SECTION 3:  If required emergency cancellation of the monthly meeting will be announced over Adams County Fire Dispatch on the meeting date with or near the 1800 hr announcements. The meeting will not be rescheduled.


             SECTION 4:  A two-thirds vote of members present will constitute a quorum at any meeting at which business shall be transacted.  A quorum shall be defined as no less than twenty members present.


             SECTION 5:  No one under the age of 18 years may attend the meetings. Members may only bring (1) guest each to any meeting.  Any guests must also be 18 years of age or older. An exception shall be granted for a person or group to speak on the floor of the association or to provide training to the association.


             SECTION 6:  All meetings shall be TOBACCO FREE.






             SECTION 1:  Amendments and alterations must be presented in writing at the monthly meeting and will lie on the table until the next meeting.  All member departments shall be notified in writing of any proposed changes at least 15 days prior to any vote. The vote shall occur at the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting. All changes to be voted on shall require a 2/3 majority of the members present. Once a change is passed all members shall receive a copy of said changes.







             SECTION 1: The president shall appoint an auditing committee at the April meeting, who will examine the treasurer’s books after the close of the business meeting for the fiscal year, and said committee shall report at the May or June meeting of their findings.


            SECTION 2:  If an audit committee is not able to be appointed or the appointed committee is unable to complete the audit for any reason then the audit shall be conducted by an outside financial agent or firm.  This report shall be the official report of record.







             SECTION 1:  Call to order

                                      Prayer by the Chaplain

                                      Pledge of allegiance to the flag

                                      Roll call by company

                                      Reading of minutes of preceding meeting

                                      Treasurer’s report

                                      Reports of committees

                                      Unfinished business

                                      Communications and Bills

                                      New business

                                      Good of the association



             SECTION 2:  The order of business may be changed by majority vote.


             SECTION 3:  Under all other heads of business, Robert’s Rule of Order, revised, shall govern.








             SECTION 1:  The radio board of the ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC., shall consist of all the elected officers of the Inc. They shall have control over all Inc., owned radios and related equipment. The president shall appoint a committee to over see the maintenance of the radio’s, which will include one elected officer and another member.


            SECTION 2:  The radio board shall appoint a person to act as the custodian of radio equipment.  He or she shall maintain records of where all radios are assigned and transport the equipment to and from the repair facility as directed.  Mileage will be reimbursed at the Commonwealth of PA rate for these trips when properly invoiced to ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC..






             SECTION 1:  The ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC., reserves the right to suspend or discharge any member involved in actions or conduct not becoming to a fire police member. Each member has the right to a hearing conducted by the elected officers before any action can be taken. If said member is legally charged by the police then the president or vice president may suspend said member up to 30 days immediately.  All elected officers shall sit in judgment of all suspensions and/or discharges. Any action taken requires a two thirds vote of all elected officers.  No vote shall be taken with less than four officers present.  The vote of the board is final.


             SECTION 2:  If any member is convicted of an offence, the member and member’s department chief will be notified of the action taken by ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC. via certified mail. This letter shall include the offence committed, any verbal and or written warnings given to prior related matters, and the decision of the board of officers.  If said member is active in multiple departments then all of his/her departments shall receive a copy of the letter.  Any and all equipment owned by the ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC., shall be returned, in good condition, within (15) days. Failure to comply will result in a bill being sent to the member’s department that issued the equipment. If payment is not received in (15) days, then legal action will be taken.


             SECTION 3:  If it comes to the attention of any member of the Inc., that a member has been involved in any action or conduct not becoming to a fire police, they may inform the board of officers in writing to include dates, time, and what happened for investigation and possible disciplinary action.






             SECTION 1:  EMERGENCIES – All fire police when on duty shall be under the control of the fire police captain of the company in which they are working or a fire police officer from that company. In the event that no officer is present from that company the first arriving fire police will assume command, UNTIL an officer arrives, and shall be subject to the control of the Chief of Police, State Police, or Fire Chief which ever the case may be. They must be properly attired as defined by Pa Act 209. 

            SECTION 2:  SPECIAL EVENTS – Special events shall be defined to include but not limited to the following such as parades, carnivals, public dinners, etc that are fire company functions or requested by the municipality having jurisdiction. In which case the fire police captain of the company in which the event is being held would be responsible. The fire police captain can appoint someone to be in charge if he/she is unable or does not want to participate.


             SECTION 3:  PRIVATELY CONTRACTED SERVICES ––Any person who renders services, in return for compensation, AND is not requested by the Local Municipality shall not display, use, or wear anything that indicates Fire Police. This includes, but not limited to vests, coats, badge, red/blue lights.  All radio communications shall utilize a non-emergency channel except to request emergency assistance (police, fire, and ambulance dispatch).


             SECTION 4:  VIOLATIONS – Violations of Article 13 section 1, 2, and 3 shall follow Article 12 sections 1 & 2 for disciplinary action.


             SECTION 5:  RADIO’S AND OTHER EQUIPMENT – All radio’s and or equipment given out by the Inc., shall be under the control of the captain of the fire police in which company the equipment was issued to. It will be his/her responsibility to issue the equipment to the active members for their use.  At no time shall there be less active members in a department then the amount of ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC. issued radio equipment to said department. When the office of fire police captain changes hands, it is the responsibility of the past fire police captain to notify the radio board of such change. The new fire police captain will within one meeting period provide the radio board with a list of the radios or other equipment to include serial numbers, model, and who has the equipment. Any lost or stolen equipment must be reported to the president or vice-president within 30 days.






             SECTION 1:  All members would be notified in writing at least 30 days prior to any meeting to discuss the intention to dissolve the ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC., This notification shall include date, time, and location of said meeting. A vote of 2/3 of the members present would be required to dissolve the ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC., all radios and equipment would become the property of the Fire Company in which it is currently assigned. All monies in any bank accounts, after all debts are discharged, that belong to the ADAMS COUNTY FIRE POLICE INC., would be given to a local charity as chosen by a vote of the members present. The charity selected would use the monies within Adams County.





                                                By laws committee:

                                                            Mark Fruehan   CO. 1, Chair

                                                            Gary Mauston   CO. 4

                                                            Robert Cullison CO. 4

                                                            James Rudisill   CO. 1